Here are ten warning signs that your parents may need some help.

  1. Weight loss. One or both of your parents are losing weight. There are halfway-opened cans on the counter, refrigerated items left out overnight, old take-out food sitting around for days or weeks.
  2. Too much mess. There are bugs, garbage or clutter throughout the house.
  3. You notice frequent bruises. They’re falling and not telling you. The stories they’re telling you aren’t making sense-you can tell they’re hiding something.
  4. You suspect driving accidents. There are new dents in the garage or on the car.  Or, maybe they won’t let you see their insurance policy documents or you find traffic and parking tickets.
  5. Moments of confusion. They mention they got confused or lost while driving or just walking someplace. They blame others for accidents: “They turned right in front of me, I didn’t see him.
  6. Cleanliness concerns. You notice they’re wearing the same clothes over and over again or are suddenly mismatched when they were always impeccably dressed. They smell of body odor or urine.